Superintendent's Address

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Superintendent’s Address: Alton A. Autrey Jr.

Interim Superintendent Grants Cibola County Schools

We live in interesting times in the field of public education. Now it is imperative that we support one another, build a conversation based on cultural understanding, and become a beacon of hope. The future of our students depends on our actions.

It is my honor and privilege to be selected by the Grants Cibola County School (GCCS) Board of Education (BoE) to serve as the Interim Superintendent for the school year of 2018-2019.

I have been tasked with fulfilling the mission of GCCS: Every Student, Every Day, Building a Person for Life. The plan to accomplish this was developed by the BoE and stakeholders in 2016 and this is the final year of the Strategic Plan. We will evaluate the effectiveness and revise this plan in 2018-2019 with stakeholder input and based on data over time.

Communication is another evaluation component of my selection. The District will improve the communication with all of our stakeholders and you will see and hear more of this as the year begins.

The GCCS BoE has also directed me to make sure we improve our teaching effectiveness and have an effective teacher in every classroom. This begins by hiring and filling all of our positions and vacancies. We are improving our instructional material training and support so that teachers can teach. We continue to improve and revise our training, mentoring, and coaching processes so that new teachers “Get Better, Faster”, and all teachers are able to enjoy and realize how great teaching can be when students succeed. GCCS is committed to supporting teachers by developing an incentive program that recognizes and appreciates their commitment to our District and student growth. We have to attract and retain quality teachers, especially in hard to staff positions and locations, and we will work within our budgets this year to make this happen.

With GCCS BoE support and District Leadership we have already initiated real reforms and changes that will lead to better student performance. I encourage you to engage with the BoE and our schools to help make GCCS one of the best districts in the state of New Mexico. GCCS is and will be a great place to be a teacher and to be a student. I hope that I can communicate effectively over the next few weeks and months on the details of this progress.

I would like you, the community, to consider the following data. GCCS had 73% of district schools rated a C or better. This was an 18% improvement from 2016. Our next report card will be some time in October! We will work to make these school grades improve. Grants HS, Laguna-Acoma HS, and Bluewater ES have been rated a B or higher in the past. So, it can be done!

     GCCS Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) data for Spring 2018 showed a 3.7% increase in proficiency for Math and a 2.6% increase in proficiency for English Language Arts (ELA)

     Principal Clara DeArmond and her team from Milan ES have led the way with double digit proficiency growth in Math and ELA

     Milan ES, Cubero ES, Mesa View ES, Mt. Taylor ES all demonstrated positive growth in the district and the staff, students, and parents should be commended for their hard work and dedication to our GCCS success story

     GCCS for 2018-2019 has new leadership (Principal) at Laguna-Acoma Junior Senior High School; Los Alamitos Middle School; Mount Taylor Elementary School; Grants High School

     GCCS is focused on increasing support for students at our transitional grades of sixth grade to seventh grade and from eighth grade to ninth grade

     New Principal Jackie Sanchez, Principal Dr. Yzenbaard, and Principal Widner will have a drastic and positive impact on student success for our middle and high schools

     GCCS is focused on 100% of 8th and 9th grade students proficient in Algebra I. This is a key indicator of students on-time graduation and college or career readiness

     GCCS is focused on improved Life-Health-Safety-Security at our schools and across our county

     Radios at ALL schools and for all staff

     Monitoring of our GCCS Bus transportation Students

     Improved Site Access and Entry Security at ALL schools

     School Resource Officers at our High Schools and Middle Schools

     Adding effective Video Surveillance to all sites

     This year your child will have new and faster technology

     GCCS fields will be maintained for safe play

     GCCS for 2018-2019 increased the number of instructional coaches supporting schools

     GCCS is improving its Mentoring and Coach process and program

     GCCS has been awarded $247,000 for 2018-2019 from the College and Career Readiness Bureau to develop a new Early College High School (ECHS) at NMSU-Grants Branch

These are just a few of the initial priorities that I am working on as the Interim Superintendent. I need your input and feedback. Please reach out to our leadership team and myself to help us make this the best district to be a student and a teacher. There are many other items we are working on and we will go into detail throughout the year on those and these briefly mentioned above.

We have schools in the district that have been identified as Reward Schools (Top 5% in the State (Bluewater ES and Grants HS) in the past. I expect that by this time next year we are adding to that list.

Every Student, Every Day, Building a Person for Life

Alton Autrey

Interim Superintendent Grants Cibola County Schools

(505) 290-2885

Twitter @AutreyAlton