School Counselors Week

This week we recognize and appreciate our amazing cohort of school counselors. Our school counselors support our students’ new ways of learning and growing. We appreciate their hard work and dedication in building better humans especially during this pandemic. School counselors are doing the work that matters, addressing the trauma and strengthening our students' social, emotional and academic well-being. The work of the school counselors truly embodies the GCCS mission by addressing the needs of the whole child and building a person for life every day. 

So we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

Cubero & Seboyeta Elementary - Tawnia Manuelito

Mesa View Elementary - Peggy Romero

Milan Elementary - Dhanielle Atencio

San Rafael & Bluewater Elementary - Beth Armstead

Mt. Taylor Elementary - Vanessa Chavez

Los Alamitos Middle School - Linda Sanchez & Patty Lopez

Laguna Acoma Jr/Sr High School - Joselyn Glicco

Grants High School - Katrina Carpenter