Invention Convention

Milan Elementary held their 1st ever "5th Grade Invention Convention".  It is a project-based activity that taps into our students' natural curiosity.  The process helps them become more aware of their world, identify problems, and how they can make a difference in solving them.  It teaches them to use creativity and curiosity while following the invention process.  It builds their confidence while presenting their ideas and research to others.  It is our hope that they will be inspired to become inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs.  This project will also help them be prepared for doing Science Fair next year.

5th Grade Teachers are Mr. Pesigan, Mrs. Windhorst, Mrs. Hite, and Mrs. Camangian.  (Milan Elementary)

Here is a list of the students and the names of their inventions:

Raeanne A. (Windshield Protector)
Eliana A. (The BPA 1004 - Anti Theft Bag)
Aiden B. (The Helping Hands - Dishwashing Gloves)
Brandon M. (The LED Shoes)
Izabella C. (The Night Sky)
Izabella C. (Slide N Staircase)
Persephone C. (The Moving Food)
Jaccob E. (Defrosty - Ice Scrapper)
Kiana G. (For the Birds Feeder)
Kenneth L. (The Foam Cutter)
Jack M. (The Bright Light Torch)
Mariah M. (The Light Case - Cell Phone Case)
Matthew R. (The Adventure Pack)
Kody V. (The Sockinator)
Alexis B. (Draw Car)
Lxnyq B. (The High Heel Protector)
Jacob C. (Go Cart Solar)
Raylee D. (The Night Sky)
Lilly F. (Clothing Claw)
Julian F. (Brilliant Light)
William G. (The Gradder 2000)
Emiziqueo H. (The Portable Chair)
Aryah H. (Water Purifier)
Paul M. (Sponge Glove)
Brittney Ann R. (Mop Slippers)
Katelyn S. (Navajo Herbs)
Matthew S. (Theater 3 in 1)
Madison S. (GREG)
Noah B. (Stumpy Steps)
River B. (gReenPOTTER)
Dominic V. (Cereal Dispenser 2000)
Esperanza R. (Rob 3000)
Madilyn B. (Germinator)
Kayla V. (The Hurry Up and et Ready)
Lysette G. (Auto Feeder)
Victoria S. (Horse Wash)
Saul C. (Kid Saver)
Alana S. (Cat BNB)
Michael T. (Speaker Phone)
Cipriano L. (Cozy Knapper)
Victoria S. (The Wak Thru Cat Brush)
Aubree A. (The Head Cooling Pillow)
Keanu Z. (Speeder Feeder)
Patrick G. (Bullet and Sound Proof Hunting Blind)
Madison V. (The Table Food Train)
Alleah E. (Great Steps and Ramps for your Pets)
Olivia D. (Flower Drawer)
Alesana T. (Cat Feeder 3000)

Below are some examples of some of the students inventions!