Vance Lee, Director

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The Mission of the Maintenance Department in Grants/Cibola County School District, is to maintain school facilities and grounds, so as to create safe, healthy and clean conditions, conducive to enhancing the learning process for students, faculty, and visitors to each campus, while keeping our proud historical and cultural traditions.

Preventive maintenance and specifications for school buildings are based on considerations related to identifiable district needs and are to be evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

Our aim is to advance building maintenance and grounds-keeping capabilities through systemic staff support as well as a comprehensive and standardized preventive maintenance program.

Attention building occupants, workers, students, and parents:

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that all public school buildings be inspected or re-inspected for the presence of asbestos every three (3) years after a management plan is in effect. The same statute also requires initial and annual notification of the availability of a management plan, which outlines the steps to be taken to eliminate the hazard. We here at your school are very willing to comply with this statute because of our great concern for the well being of our students, our staff and our faculty. We have received a management plan, which pinpoints asbestos in the school. The plan is available for public review in the Administrator's Office during normal business hours.

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