6-12 Horizons Virtual Academy

The new GCCS virtual school that offers a completely online, full-time, year-long comprehensive educational program, to any 6-12 GCCS student.


Students who may benefit from the Horizons Virtual Academy include those who:

  • Are homebound or hospital bound.

  • Need flexibility in their daily schedule to accommodate work, parenting, sports, dual credit learning, or other responsibilities.

  • Seek a more personalized approach to learning.

  • Wish to develop their 21st-century skills to increase college and career readiness.

What is Online Through GCCS?

Online School is Full-time, REAL School that includes:

  • Real grade-level learning outcomes.

  • Real district aligned academic workload.

  • Real district aligned assessments.

What GCCS Provides

  • Chromebooks for all students.

  • Comprehensive standards-based curriculum through Edgenuity.

  • A Level 3-B New Mexico Certified Administrator with an M.Ed in Educational Technology Leadership.

  • Individualized small group assistance when needed.

Horizons Virtual Academy Application Process

  • Student Applicant/Parents fill out the online application below.

  • Selection committee consisting of GCCS/Community Stakeholders will go over all applications and discuss student applications.

  • Selection committee will determine from the student applicants, which students will be enrolled in the virtual academy for the school year 2021-22.

  • Each student applicant will be informed either by phone or email of the selection committee's decision.

  • The selection committee will make their determination giving students and parents time to plan and get ready for the new school year.

Student Criteria the Selection Committee will Consider

  • Student must be a GCCS enrolled student, from any campus.

  • Student Grades - Students grades will be discussed on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.

  • Attendance - Student's attendance records must not reflect excessive absences/tardies.

  • Access to Internet - Student must have reasonable access to internet service at their home or place where learning will take place.

GCCS Virtual Academy Application
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