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Chronic Absence:

It’s About Lost Instructional Time, Not Whether

 Absences are Excused or Unexcused

Chronic absence is a powerful predictor of achievement because it measures the amount of instructional time a student has missed over the course of the school year. Research findings have documented the positive relationship between time and learning. Instructional quality and other factors are important, but this finding is clear: more time spent by students in intentional learning environments means more learning.

GCCS Attendance and Absences 

New Mexico has enacted a new attendance law, Attendance for Success Act: providing for prevention of absences and earlier intervention for students who are absent or chronically absent. We are required by the NMPED to follow all of the new procedures.  A major change that you will notice is that the new law stipulates any absences for any reason will be used to calculate the students’ attendance.  The following chart identifies each tier that your student will fall under and the strategies that the school will implement at each level.  (School sponsored activities are the exception)

Attendance for Success Tiers


Attendance pic


Attendance Staff

Laguna/Acoma High School

Bernadette Salazar-

Grants High School

(9th grade) Danielle White -

(10th grade) Julie Sandoval -

(11th grade) Darlene Bustos-

(12th grade) TBD

Los Alamitos Middle School

(7th grade) Erin Trujillo -

(8th grade) Adriana Graham-

Milan Elementary School

Donna Borrego-

Valerie Largo-

Bluewater/San Rafael Elementary School

Brandon Rael-

Cubero/Seboyeta Elementary School

Jeanette Garcia-

Mesa View Elementary School

Jerelyn Ray-

Aranza Morales-

Mt. Taylor Elementary School

Amber Martinez-


Early College High School

Bernadette Cheromiah-

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