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SchoolMessenger is a school notification system that is used district-wide. It is a powerful messaging system that allows the schools to send a variety of notifications to student’s parents and guardians. To ensure your participation in the notification system simply update your contact information in PowerSchool and utilize the SchoolMessenger mobile app. Please refer to the “Links” menu and click the “SchoolMessenger” link for more information about this product.

Message to Parents:

Studies have shown that student academic achievement increases when parents are involved with their children’s education and with their school. Parents are a crucial part of their children’s path to higher education.

At Grants/Cibola County Schools, we believe in a strong home and school partnership. It's why we welcome and encourage parent involvement in the operation of our schools. By teaming with parents who share our vision for better education, we can continue to create a culture of achievement and pave the way for academic success.

The support you provide your children from monitoring their homework to providing them encouragement has a positive, proven impact on their education. When your children come to school, our dedicated teachers and staff reinforce the same values you hold dear to help students reach their full potential.

Keeping avenues of communication open with our parent partners is our ongoing commitment. The “Links” on the Parent Resource tab contains some of the ways we can work together to help your children succeed. No matter what your concern or question, we are always available to speak with you or meet in person to keep your child’s transition from home to school successful.

Thank you for being a parent who cares about your child’s education. Together we will continue to make a difference in providing a safe, welcoming school environment in which your children will thrive.

Children love and need their parents supporting them.


Leslie M. Vallo, ADoE Student Support Coordinator


Shawn D. Ray, Councilman

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  • Cell: 505-352-4284

  • Mailing address: PO Box 915, Paguate, NM 87040-0915