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Health Services Department

Nursing services are available in Grants Cibola County Schools to provide support to students who have medical needs.

About GCCS Health Services:

School Nurses and Health Assistants provide support and care for students with special healthcare needs and/or chronic conditions through care management and direct care, including medication administration and health procedures.

School Nurses support student health in a variety of ways. School nurses may teach students how to manage their own health and wellness; monitor student immunization status, conduct vision and hearing screening, refer students for treatment; participate in 504/IEP meetings, contribute to individualized education programs and/or develop individualized health care plans.


Medical Procedure Authorization Forms & Action Plans

To be filled out by your child's physician if procedures need to be done while at school including prescription medication administration. These forms will need to be filled out annually each school year.

Health Information and Emergency Authorization Form

Parent/guardian understand that appropriate transport and medical care of their child will be arranged to ANY appropriate medical care provider, hospital or medical facility in the event of an emergency. This authorization does not cover major surgery unless one other doctor/dentist concurs to the need. Nothing in this section shall be construed to impose liability on any school official or school employee, who in good faith, attempts to comply with this section. It is understood that the parent/guardian will be financially responsible for all emergency care. The parent/guardian authorizes the school health office staff to contact the child’s providers listed regarding medical management of the child. The parent/guardian understands the information on this card will be shared with appropriate personnel on an as-needed basis only. The parent/guardian, also, understands the screenings (including vision, hearing, height, weight, blood pressure, and BMI) may be done by school health personnel unless I provide the school health office with written notification requesting exclusion from these screenings. This form must be filled out by the parent/guardian each school year for each student enrolled.

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Immunization Information:

New Mexico law requires that all students be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable communicable diseases (see NMSA § 24 (Health and Safety)). These requirements are determined by the NMDOH in collaboration with the New Mexico Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) using recommendations from the national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). 

Immunization Guidelines/Requirements may change year to year. For current School Entry Immunization Requirements, please visit the NMDOH website.

2023-2024 School Entry Immunization Requirements:

Need your child's shot records?

The DOH now offers a way for you to easily access these shot records yourself. Clink the link below!

Immunization Exemption

A student in New Mexico may be exempt from NM Department of Health (DOH) and NM Public Education Department (PED) immunization requirements by completing the current Exemption from Immunization Form.

Immunization Exemption Form

Who may use the exemption immunization form?

Individuals requesting a religious or medical exemption to immunization may use this form.

This form must be used for all children with an exemption going into any public, private, or parochial preschool, kindergarten, elementary, secondary school, or home school. It also must be used for children attending daycare or childcare facilities.

This form must not be used for exemption from immunization for personal or philosophical reasons. New Mexico law does not allow for such exemptions.

Clink the link below for more information:

Administration of Medications at School


If possible, all medications should be given at home. If medications must be given during school hours they shall be administered in compliance with the New Mexico Administrative Code, New Mexico Nursing Practice Act, New Mexico School Health Manual Standards, and this procedural directive.


For purposes of this procedural directive, a “medication” means any substance that is ingested, injected, inhaled or used topically in the diagnosis, treatment and/or the prevention of disease. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter and non-prescription drugs. Health care providers who have prescriptive authority in the United States will authorize prescription medications. Medication authorizations are acceptable, for example, from licensed medical doctors (MDs), nurse practitioners (NPs), osteopathic physicians (DOs), doctors of oriental medicine (DOMs), physician assistants (PAs) and certified diabetes educators affiliated with medical doctor, as well as clinical nurse specialists or psychologists who have completed the pharmacology course requirements to obtain prescriptive privileges. Some prescriptive privileges are limited to a specific area of practice for example; a doctor of oriental medicine is only authorized to write prescriptive orders for oriental medicine herbs.


For purposes of this procedural directive, “controlled substance” means a drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are controlled by law.


The following process shall be followed when it is absolutely necessary for a student to take medication during the instructional day.

Process of Medication Administration

GCCS Wellness Policy

School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

If you would like to become a member of the School Health Advisory Committee please fill out the application below.


The SHAC is committed to meeting at a minimum of twice yearly to discuss the action items below:

  • Wellness Policy Implementation, Monitoring, Accountability and Community Engagement

  • Nutrition

  • Quality Physical Activity

  • Health Education Content Standards and Benchmarks

  • Physical Education Requirements

  • Social and Emotional Well-Being

  • Health Services Needs

  • Staff Wellness

NM Lions Operation KidSight

GCCS has partnered with NM Lions Operation KidSight to provide a Spare Pair & Replacement Program that allows student with a valid eyeglass prescription dated within one year and a filled out request form to receive a free spare pair or replacement frames. NM Lions Operation KidSight/Save Our Children’s Sight Fund will provide a pair of prescription eyeglasses including a fashion frame with polycarbonate lenses. Any options or special treatments to the requested glasses will not be considered without a letter of medical necessity written by the eye doctor that performed the current exam. The School Nurse has sample frames in their office for your child to choose from for their Spare Pair.

Once the request form is filled out it can be given to the nurse at the students school site or emailed to:

Health Services Staff Directory


Elementary Schools

Bluewater Elementary

Jacque Mathews- Health Assistant


Cubero Elementary

Kelsey Martinez-Health Assistant


Mesa View Elementary

Jessica Stelly, RN


Milan Elementary

Janelle Vargas, RN


Mt. Taylor Elementary

Alexandra Aldaz, RN


San Rafael Elementary

Dorinda Jaramillo- Health Assistant


Seboyeta Elementary

Natalie Duree- Health Assistant


Middle/High Schools

Los Alamitos Middle School

Sharon Moleres- Health Assistant


Laguna Acoma Jr High/High School

Karen Eagle-Aragon, LPN


Grants High School

Mary James, RN


Early College High School

Bernadette Cheromiah


District Office

Nicole M. Chavez, RN- Health Services Coordinator


Alisha Sanchez, RN- District Nurse


Pam Gutierrez, RN, CDCES- Diabetic Educator


Kylissa Baca- Health Services Secretary


Health Services Fax # 505-285-2629