Why Choose GCCS?

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Our Mission: "Every Student, Every Day, Building a Person for Life"

Our Vision

We are the only district in Cibola County and we envision that a joy of learning is fostered in each student and a positive vision for their future is nurtured. Each student’s cultural heritage is valued and their physical, emotional, academic, and social needs are met.

We serve more than 3,000 students who speak multiple languages and dialects to include but not limited to English, Spanish, Acoma & Laguna Keres, Navajo and Tagalog.

We currently employ 700 people in our district, including more than 350 teachers.

We prioritize student growth and success from early childhood to graduation. Our students are diverse and reflect the beauty of our community. We believe that, as a community, we can effectively promote change. The combined efforts of staff, teachers, parents can allow GCCS to "be the change" by focusing on our mission, "every student, every day, building a person for life."